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GQ magazine calls Bible 'foolish,' lists it among books 'you don't have to read'

The Bible’s been around for centuries, but GQ magazine is like, eh? What’s so great about it? 

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The Good Book makes the mag’s list of “21 Books You Don’t Have to Read.” While allowing “there are some good parts,” the post calls the Bible “repetitive, self-contradictory, sententious, foolish and even at times ill-intentioned.”

Instead, GQ suggests, how about “The Notebook" by Agota Kristof? It’s billed as “a marvelous tale of two brothers who have to get along when things get rough.”

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The Bible finds itself in the company of works by J.D. Salinger, Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway on the list of books that GQ is just not that into. “Catcher in the Rye” is dinged as being “without any literary merit whatsoever.” “Huckleberry Finn” is tedious, meandering and hamfisted, GQ says. Hemingway’s sentences? Too short. Even Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” makes the roster of books to skip.

Here’s the entire list, which includes contributions by various writers.

Meghan Markle’s ‘Suits’ character ties the knot with co-star in her final episode

Before American actress Meghan Markle marries British royal Prince Harry next month in real life she married her co-star as lawyer Rachel Zane in her final episode of the television drama “Suits.”

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The last episode featuring Markle aired Wednesday night on USA Network and it also marked the last appearance on the show for her co-star and love interest on the series Patrick J. Adams, who played Mike.

The pair tied the knot in a subdued and last-minute ceremony in the finale and have moved to Seattle to run a law firm. The eighth season of “Suits” is now in production.

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Markle, who met her prince while working on “Suits” and living in Toronto where the series is produced, is scheduled to wed Prince Harry on May 19 in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.


Kim Kardashian defends Kanye West, accuses Twitter users of ‘demonizing’ him

Musician Kanye West made his return to Twitter earlier this month to chat about a number of topics from new music to politics. However, some of his tweet have fallen flat and have not been well received, so his wife Kim Kardashian West is now coming to his defense. 

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Many on social media have expressed concern over West’s mental health, but Kardashian West said he’s only expressing himself. 

“To the media trying to demonize my husband let me just say this... your commentary on Kanye being erratic & his tweets being disturbing is actually scary,” she wrote. “So quick to label him as having mental health issues for just being himself when he has always been expressive is not fair.”

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She also accused the media of interpreting his separation from his management as a mental health issue rather than a business decision. In fact, the reality star called her hubby a “free thinker” and celebrated him for sharing his opinions even if she didn’t agree with them, including those about President Donald Trump. 

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She ended her rant by declaring “Kanye is years ahead of his time” and urged the media stop using the term “mental health” so loosely.

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For the last several weeks, West has been busy on Twitter after taking a nearly year-long hiatus from the platform. He’s revealed information about his clothing line, new albums and has even alluded to running for president in 2024.

He’s also used the site to share his thoughts about creativity, fake news and a few images of his daughter North. Take a look at more of his posts here

Hypnobirthing delivery technique reportedly used by Kate Middleton but what is it?

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, formerly known as Kate Middleton, gave birth to a baby boy on Monday.

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This is the third child for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who welcomed their new son into the world in the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in London.

According to reports, Middleton endured a five-hour labor without pain relief as a part of a delivery method called hypnobirthing. This isn’t the first time she’s tried it. Middleton has used the practice for all three of her babies. 

What is hypnobirthing?

It’s a type of therapy that helps parents seek a natural birthing experience with more patient control and less pain, according to It involves special breathing, relaxation, visualization, meditative practice and attention to nutrition and body. The method can be practiced at home, in a hospital or birth center.

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How exactly does it work?

Hypnobirthing is an effort at removing the anxiety associated with the birthing experience. Experts believe fear activates stress hormones that cause slow digestion and an increased heart rate. Blood is also forced to the arms and legs, which depletes blood to the uterus. This is what contributes to uterine pain. 

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Parents can take hypnobirthing classes to learn specific breathing and visualization techniques, according to WebMD. For example, many courses teach mothers to self-hypnotize with their open eyes. Instructors may also encourage expectant moms to envision an easy birth and recite affirmations, such as “I relax and my baby relaxes.” Phrases that reference the difficulty of childbirth are rejected. Instead of using the words “pain” or “contraction,” patients are encouraged to say “sensation” or “surge” instead. 

Do you still feel pain?

A 2006 review of five previous studies found that women who chose hypnobirthing were almost half as likely to use painkillers and about one-third less likely to use an epidural during labor.

Who else has used this practice?

Celebrities, including Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba, have also reportedly tried hypnobirthing. During an appearance on Ellen, Alba said “it’s not a weird thing.” 

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“It's not like the clock in front of your face and you go out and you wake up and you got a baby,” she joked. “My husband takes me through sort of a meditation. He'll say, 'you're relaxed, and you're floating on clouds while you're going through labor and your contractions. I'm just concentrating on breathing and staying relaxed...when you get tense that makes the whole labor worse and more painful.”

Blake Shelton tweets dig at ex Miranda Lambert amid reports she’s dating Evan Felker

Miranda Lambert is reportedly dating folk musician Evan Felker, and fans of her ex-husband Blake Shelton seem to think that one of Shelton’s tweets is about her.

According to Us Weekly, Shelton has called out Lambert in a subtweet posted Wednesday. Us Weekly reported on Tuesday that Lambert, was dating Felker, of the neo-folk group Turnpike Troubadours. 

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“Been taking the high road for a long time.. I almost gave up. But I can finally see something on the horizon up there!! Wait!! Could it be?! Yep!! It’s karma!!” Shelton, 41, tweeted.

According to Us Weekly, an unnamed source confirmed that Shelton is referring to Lambert in the tweet.

Lambert was previously with musician Anderson East for two years. Us Weekly reported that the timing of her relationship with Felker is unclear, but a source told them that the two began dating while Lambert was still with East. The outlet also reported that Felker has been married to Staci Nelson since September 2016, but she filed for divorce in February. The filing was a month after Felker’s band started opening for Lambert on her Livin’ Like Hippies tour.

According to some fan replies below Shelton’s tweet, the dig comes from speculation that Shelton and Lambert divorced in 2015 after four years of marriage because of Shelton’s infidelity. In actuality, reports at the time speculated infidelity on both sides. 

In a 2011 “Behind the Music” episode on Lambert, Shelton spoke about falling for Lambert in 2005 when he was still married to his ex-wife Kaynette Williams. The two sang “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” at CMT’s 100 Greatest Duets Concert.

“I was a married guy, you know, standing up there going, ‘Man, this shouldn’t be happening.’ Looking back on that, I was falling in love with her right there onstage,” Shelton said.

“It was just like this draw to each other,” Lambert said on the episode. “It was just sort of this inevitable chemistry.”

Shelton is currently dating his fellow “The Voice” coach, singer Gwen Stefani. 

Whistleblower sparks investigation into Georgia film tax credits

Georgia state officials are investigating after an anonymous whistleblower came forward with allegations that Warner Bros. improperly claimed more than $600,000 in Georgia tax credits for work on the movie “Sully,” the industry publication Variety reported.

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The 2016 film, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks as heroic pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, did indeed film in Georgia. Eastwood and Hanks were spotted hanging out at a downtown Atlanta bar during the production’s work here.

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The allegations contained in the Variety report focus on a specific piece of equipment the whistleblower said was not actually in Georgia. The unnamed informant provided Variety with invoices and contracts that purport to show the equipment in question was elsewhere, the publication said.

A Warner Bros. spokesman told Variety the claims are not true and the studio wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize things in film-friendly Georgia. The Georgia State Attorney’s office tells the AJC that the matter has been referred to the Department of Revenue, while the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the state agency of which the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office is part, declined to comment.

“Sully” had an estimated budget of $60 million, and its box office haul exceeded $125 million, according to data from Box Office Mojo.

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Georgia’s enticing tax policies, offering up to a 30 percent tax credit to filmmakers, have created the state’s booming film industry – something state officials love to tout.

“I am excited by the success of this industry,” Georgia House Speaker David Ralstonsaid at the 2017 Georgia Film Day, an annual event held during the legislative session. “As long as I sit in that office, there will be no bigger fan of that tax credit and this industry than I am.”

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At this year’s Film Day event, the crowd that packed the Capitol rotunda area enjoyed a video highlighting everyday Georgians who work in the industry, and cheered a robust economic report – 320 feature films, television movies and series, commercials and music videos were shot in Georgia in 2017 and projects during fiscal year 2017 generated an economic impact of more than $9.5 billion, according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

“No other film production center has seen more growth in infrastructure than Georgia has over the last eight years,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Pat Wilson. “Gov. (Nathan) Deal’s leadership and unwavering support has ensured Georgia’s place as a top destination for film and television activity.”

A 2017 industry study named Georgia the world’s top filming location for big-budget domestic films.

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A request for comment from the state’s film commission and other officials regarding the allegations involving “Sully,” have not been answered yet.

‘Double Dare’ returns to Nickelodeon with 40 new episodes

“Double Dare,” the children’s game show that originally aired on Nickelodeon in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, is coming back this summer.

Nickelodeon announced Wednesday that 40 new episodes of the show will give younger, newer fans the chance to compete on the nostalgic trivia and stunt competition.

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“With Double Dare remaining an iconic touchstone for its original millennial audiences, the new version will feature the gameplay and challenges they remember, as well as appearances from blasts from the past and stars from today,” the network said in news release.

Millennials will remember that the show, which premiered in 1986 and ran until 1993, featured trivia between teams of children as well as physical challenges and an obstacle course with a human hamster wheel and “Double Dare” giant nose. “Family Double Dare” was similar, but the teams consisted of families with two adults and two children.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the show returned as “Double Dare 2000,” and aired on Nick from January to November 2000. Marc Summers hosted the original iteration of the show, but a new host will helm the 2018 version.

Fleetwood Mac announces tour dates, discusses Lindsey Buckingham departure

Fleetwood Mac has announced dates for its 2018 North American tour, weeks after the firing of Lindsey Buckingham.

The band replaced Buckingham with Crowded House’s Neil Finn and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers’ Mike Campbell, according to an April 9 statement

“We are thrilled to welcome the musical talents of the caliber of Mike Campbell and Neil Finn into the Mac family,” the group statement said. “With Mike and Neil, we’ll be performing all the hits that the fans love, plus we’ll be surprising our audiences with some tracks from our historic catalogue of songs. Fleetwood Mac has always been a creative evolution. We look forward to honoring that spirit on this upcoming tour.

“Lindsey Buckingham will not be performing with the band on this tour. The band wishes Lindsey all the best.”

According to the majority of the rock band -- Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood -- Buckingham’s departure came from a scheduling conflict over a world tour.

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“We were supposed to go into rehearsal in June and he wanted to put it off until November (2019),” Nicks told Rolling Stone in an interview published Wednesday. “That’s a long time. I just did 70 shows. As soon as I finish one thing, I dive back into another. Why would we stop?”

Instead, after meeting a month ago, the band decided to replace Buckingham and will go on a 52-date North American tour.

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Rolling Stone reported that the group isn’t willing to say Buckingham was fired, per se.

“Words like ‘fired’ are ugly references as far as I’m concerned,” Fleetwood said. “Not to hedge around, but we arrived at the impasse of hitting a brick wall. This was not a happy situation for us in terms of the logistics of a functioning band. To that purpose, we made a decision that we could not go on with him. Majority rules in terms of what we need to do as a band and go forward.”

“Our relationship has always been volatile. We were never married, but we might as well have been,” Nicks said. “This is sad for me, but I want the next 10 years of my life to be really fun and happy. I want to get up every day and dance around my apartment and smile and say, ‘Thank God for this amazing life.’”

The dates for Fleetwood Mac’s North American tour are below. Most general public tickets go on sale starting May 4 at 10 a.m. local time. The tour starts in October in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and runs through 2019. More information is available at

Oct. 3: Tulsa, Oklahoma, at BOK Center

Oct. 6: Chicago at United Center

Oct. 10: Louisville, Kentucky, at KFC Yum! Center (on sale May 11)

Oct. 12: Lincoln, Nebraska, at Pinnacle Bank Arena

Oct. 14: Des Moines, Iowa, at Wells Fargo Arena 

Oct. 16: Indianapolis at Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Oct. 18: Kansas City, Missouri, at Sprint Center 

Oct. 20: St. Louis at Scottrade Center

Oct. 22 : St. Paul, Minnesota, at Xcel Energy Center

Oct. 26: Cleveland at Quicken Loans Arena 

Oct. 28: Milwaukee at Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center

Oct. 30: Detroit at Little Caesars Arena

Nov. 1: Pittsburgh at PPG Paints Arena

Nov. 3: Ottawa, Ontario, at Canadian Tire Centre

Nov. 5: Toronto at Air Canada Centre

Nov. 7: Columbus, Ohio, at Nationwide Arena

Nov. 10: Edmonton, Alberta, at Rogers Place

Nov. 12: Calgary, Alberta, at Scotiabank Saddledome

Nov. 14: Vancouver at Rogers Arena 

Nov. 17: Tacoma, Washington, at Tacoma Dome

Nov. 19: Portland, Oregon, at Moda Center

Nov. 21: San Jose, California, at Center at San Jose

Nov. 23: Sacramento, California, at Golden 1 Center 

Nov. 25: Oakland, California, at Oracle Arena

Nov. 28: Phoenix at Talking Stick Resort Arena

Nov. 30: Las Vegas at T-Mobile Arena

Dec. 3: Denver at Pepsi Center

Dec. 6: Fresno, California, at Save Mart Center

Dec. 8: San Diego at Viejas Arena

Dec. 11: Inglewood, California, at The Forum

Dec. 13: Inglewood, California, at The Forum

Feb. 5: Houston at Toyota Center 

Feb. 7: Dallas at American Airlines Center

Feb. 9: Austin, Texas, at Frank Erwin Center

Feb. 13: Birmingham, Alabama, at Legacy Arena at the BJCC

Feb. 16: New Orleans at Smoothie King Center

Feb. 18: Tampa, Florida, at Amalie Arena

Feb. 20: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at BB&T Center

Feb. 22: Columbia, South Carolina, at Colonial Life Arena

Feb. 24: Charlotte, North Carolina, at Spectrum Center

Feb. 27: Nashville, Tennessee, at Bridgestone Arena 

March 3: Atlanta at Philips Arena

March 5: Washington at Capital One Arena

March 9: Atlantic City, New Jersey, at Boardwalk Hall

March 11: New York at Madison Square Garden

March 13: Newark, New Jersey, at Prudential Center

March 15: Hartford, Connecticut, at XL Center

March 20: Albany, New York, at Times Union Center

March 24: Baltimore at Royal Farms Arena

March 26:  Buffalo, New York, at KeyBank Center

March 31: Boston at TD Garden

April 5: Philadelphia at Wells Fargo Center

‘Welcome home’: Meek Mill attends Philadelphia 76ers game after prison release

Hours after it was announced he would be released from prison, rapper Meek Mill attended Game 5 of the NBA playoffs between the Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat.

“Welcome home Meek Mill,” the public announcer said at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, The Associated Press reported. Cheers erupted from the crowd and Meek walked out onto the court to ring a Liberty bell Replica with fellow Philadelphian Kevin Hart. The comedian and 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin had visited Meek in prison earlier Tuesday, hours before his release.

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“Mill being here tonight was amazing, but him being here tonight was bigger than the Sixers,” Hart told WPVI after the game. “It was more about getting out, beating something that was incorrect and now having the opportunity to stand in front of that incorrection and correct it. It's about saying, OK guys, look, in the system that we have today in Philadelphia and everywhere else there’s a lot of injustice, and now we have the opportunity to poke holes in that injustice and shine a light on it and hopefully correct it. I think he’s going to take full advantage of his opportunity, his platform, the pedestal that he stands on, and really draw more attention to it and hopefully make other people look at it in a way that we can start to change it.”

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Hart added that Meek, whose birth name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, was at the game with his son, 7-year-old Papi.

“I’m glad that my friend, my brother got out tonight. More importantly, he got to be with his family -- his son,” Hart said. “His son was there on the sideline with him. So the Sixers winning is a great moment, it's a highlight. For him, his son, that's the best thing about today. As soon as he got out, the first thing he did was call his son. ‘Get him here. Get him down here.’ They flew him straight to the game. He got his son there. His family, his mother. That’s ultimately what it’s about.”

In a statement issued after his release was announced, Meek said that he would use his platform to bring attention to people of color in the justice system. The 30-year-old rapper served five months in prison for violating probation on a drug and weapons conviction when he was 21. His release was celebrated by not only Hart and many in Philadelphia, but celebrities like JAY-Z -- who initially criticized Meek’s sentencing -- Rihanna, T.I., Rick Ross and QuestLove

“Today, Meek Mill, a son of Philadelphia, is a free man,” JAY-Z said in a statement Tuesday. “He was incarcerated unjustly and caught in a probation trap for years by a broken system. Now we can celebrate his release. We thank every individual that has supported and fought alongside Meek every step of the way.”

The 76ers won 104-91 against The Heat.

A movie, popcorn and a drink for $10? Tuesday AMC deal is making it happen

Going to the movies is an expensive night out for many.

But now, AMC is offering a special deal every Tuesday.

Its $5 Ticket Tuesday deal that was initially only supposed to last a limited time will now be permanent.

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So, how does it work?

  • AMC Stubs members can purchase a $5 movie ticket at any AMC, AMC CLASSIC or AMC DINE-IN location (or online) each Tuesday.
  • They can also indulge in the $5 Cameo Combo Tuesday deal: get a small popcorn and a small drink.

It’s free to join, and members get to enjoy other perks such as collecting points for discounts and free popcorn refills.

Find the nearest AMC theatre near you or view our map below.

200 items
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